Interactive visualization of climate change.


This was an individual project where we got a single week to deliver an interactive solution to the client. The brief was to create an experience-based interaction for the light festival Island of Light that is held in Smögen every year.

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The customer wants to increase participation and improve the experience of the festival Island of Light. The product should be adapted to a digital screen, such as a mobile or ipad, as it is the primary communication channel during the festival in addition to IRL elements.

Installation interactive corner


I created an interactive visualization of climate change in the world with a focus on temperature increase. The user can see how much temperature has increased during their lifetime, using a color-coded map and also how it looks where they live. My idea is that visitors interact with a digital screen like an ipad, but the design can also be adapted to the mobile. The digital screen can be located in a room. A kind of "interactive corner" for all festival visitors to experience.


I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on the environmental issue when the client mentioned that it could be an approach. To create a more emotional effect on the visitor, I made the design choice to let the user fill in the year of birth and where they live. In this way, the user gets a more personal connection to climate change, by seeing the change during their lifetime and how much it has changed where they live.


In this project i used After Effects, Photoshop and Figma

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