Brand identity and webdesign

Work Group:

I worked with my digital designer colleague Eric Ellersten and three web developers from Yrgo.


Support Group Network is a non-profit organization initiated by refugees and collaborates with local communities to improve the integration of refugees to strengthen and encourage their own initiatives. SGN needed help to be more accessible and reachable on their website and needed a own identity...

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“We want to add colour to society, will never be the dark spot” — Adnan Abdulghani


Support Group Network (also called SGN) is growing thanks to collaborations with the local communities and the Swedes. SGN is less interested in money donations and more interested in collaborations that can help refugees to establish themselves in society. With this in mind, we chose to focus on how SGN can reach out with their model through their website and get more people to get involved.


We took what we had learnt and narrowed it down to one sentence that have been dictating every decision we have made.

“We [SGN], add color to society and You, [the Swede], makes this happen.

For SGN identity, we made a custom logo typeface, together with a support figure, which makes it easy for SGN to make new logos for future projects. For everything else we have Noto Sans which isn’t only free but also has support for a ridiculous amount of languages which means no need to use a different typeface in other countries.

The webpage is basically a big menu. It contains six categories divided by colors and two options to maximise accessibility. Larger text and High contrast mode. Since our support figure represents the humans behind Support Group Network we have put them in a lot of different places, as the icon that moves and subtly in the background.

After a lot of researching, a lot of discussing, a lot of user feedback and a lot of tweaking, We believe we managed to capture and deliver what we planed on, something that from the core is built with a purpose, something that breathes colour, movement and happiness, something that really expresses the creativity that Support Group Network is all about. Something versatile and exciting. Something that will make a difference.

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